• Space requirements assessment which identifies your challenges and defines best solutions for your team, brand and organisation.
  • Existing space usage analysis with a proposal for optimal in-office layout and furniture selection based on either budget or time constraints (or both for some projects).
  • Sustainable design decisions that are appropriate to the corporate culture, brand image and economic parameters set.
  • Ergonomic user-friendly work environments designed to facilitate wellbeing and safety of inhabitants.
  • Complete design and documentation package comprising all working drawings and specifications required for building works, joinery construction, and building services amendments.
  • Sourcing cost-effective and available trades, suppliers, equipment, furniture and furnishings.
  • Scheduling trades, suppliers, installation crew based on your timing requirements.
  • Assistance with business relocation
  • Post-occupancy support
  • Tenancy area surveying and analysis
  • Tenancy subdivision plans
  • Marketing material to be used for presentation to potential leases
  • Tenancy make good

Project: Regional Arts Victoria Office Relocation and Fit-out - Mar 2013

“Regional Arts Victoria is thrilled with the way all of our work as individuals and collaborators has been invigorated by our new space. STUDIOMINT listened to our needs, and were sensitive and responsive – they really understood the constraints of our not-for-profit organisation. Their imaginative and efficient vision for our space makes it fun to work in, great to gather in, and restful to lunch in. STUDIOMINT have created a beautiful space that inspires us to continue to inspire the arts across the state” 

Esther Anatolitis      Director, Regional Arts Victoria 

  Photograph by Katie Harmsworth

Esther Anatolitis

Director, Regional Arts Victoria

Photograph by Katie Harmsworth

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For corporate clients we offer complete design and fit-out project management services. Whether it is business relocation, expansion or a new office, we provide full space needs analysis, planning and devise a work-conducive, sustainable and flexible environment that can be easily adopted as the company evolves.


With our experience across projects in commercial/office buildings for property and asset managers we are able to offer simple and cost-effective solutions. Office redesign, tenancy sub-division and area surveying are important to get right to ensure your properties are leased at the right price for your investment portfolio.

Rather than waiting months for a tenancy to be leased, we've worked with companies to increase the marketability of their spaces; creating marketing material for presentations and helping new tenants visualise their office layout and planning, and ultimately working with them through to final stages of moving in.