Best apartment styling tips for 2017

With a new year upon us we asked the interior design team at STUDIOMINT to offer some of their best apartment styling tips for 2017.

Adding your own personal touch to your apartment often involves reconciling different ideas – sorting through old favourites and that which is new – to create a design language that speaks to you.

Even if you’re very enthusiastic about the task, styling in general can be full of challenges, especially when evaluating new trends. And in 2017 the trend forecast is in – we’re going to see a lot more navy and monochrome, as well as greater use of greenery, metals, ombré tones and materials like velvet.

The Living Room

The living room is a communal area that should exude a welcoming ease and a strong sense of comfort. Adding inexpensive things like weaved baskets for remote controls or candles are great little ways to add a splash of colour and a sense of cosiness.

The addition of an artwork to a blank wall is always a great way of providing a break within the room. A larger piece also allows for those within it to be transported and experience a stronger response.

To create a space with a bit more grandeur, the insertion of a stone fireplace, statement chandelier or accented furniture is very effective.

Lounge room by Studiomint.

Lounge room by Studiomint.

The Dining Room

Typically, dining rooms are kept simple and this means a quick and affordable way to add ambiance to the room is through the addition of flowers.

Another way to quickly change the aesthetic of the space is by replacing your dining chairs – either through DIY re-upholstering, or simply buying new ones. This is a great way to feature on-trend elements such as navy blue and velvet.

For a real elegant touch, a combination of fresh flowers, a custom-made large dining table with matching chairs and a pendant light will define the room without encroaching too much on its simplicity.

Dining area by STUDIOMINT.

Dining area by STUDIOMINT.

Dining room by STUDIOMINT.

Dining room by STUDIOMINT.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is a sanctuary of intimacy and relaxation. To add finesse to this room, small succulents and small metallic containers/pottery do a great job while also adding colour and sophistication.

If you have room for it, a small pendant light hanging on the bedside, or over the bed will create elegance. To add warmth to the room, simply place a throw over your bed that has character and contrasts in colour to that of your linen.

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