Project Design Brief (for new residential developments)

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Property Details
Some highlevel details of the location and sizes we have to play with
Property Development Type *
Type of site
Timing Details
This is really to gauge your timing on your personal needs
Is the site purchased? (or already owned) *
We can't guarantee the exact completion date, but at least we can let you know where you have flexibility and where time is fixed.
Its not an easy question to answer up front, but bear with us and we only need ballpark at this early stage
We only need a ballpark - or you can provide a range (say $400K to $600K)
What are your goals? *
This gives us an indication on your ideal requiremens
this section provides indication on the type of development quality and your needs
Quality of project
Character of the building (external/internal)
Functional Requirements
We promise this is the last section
Either in apartments, or units or standalone building
Number of bedrooms, Number of bathrooms, Inclusions in kitchen, Open plan living, Number of balconies, Storage requirements, Garage spaces, and other pertinent information
Is there a basement?