Company Services

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Our Commercial Design and Consultancy Services include:

  • Space requirements assessment which identifies your challenges and defines best solutions for your team, brand and organisation.

  • Existing space usage analysis with a proposal for optimal in-office layout and furniture selection based on either budget or time constraints (or both for some projects).

  • Sustainable design decisions that are appropriate to the corporate culture, brand image and economic parameters set.

  • Ergonomic user-friendly work environments designed to facilitate wellbeing and safety of inhabitants.

  • Complete design and documentation package comprising all working drawings and specifications required for building works, joinery construction, and building services amendments.

  • Sourcing cost-effective and available trades, suppliers, equipment, furniture and furnishings.

  • Scheduling trades, suppliers, installation crew based on your timing requirements.

  • Assistance with business relocation

  • Post-occupancy support

  • Tenancy area surveying and analysis

  • Tenancy subdivision plans

  • Marketing material to be used for presentation to potential leases

Industry workplace analysis and certification

STUDIOMINT is a selected representative in Australia for the Leesman Index. The Leesman Index is a structure audit (pre- and post- occupancy) that helps organisations understand how their workplaces support employee performance. Leesman has the world’s largest workplace effectiveness benchmark and research database, that is wholly independent – independent from other services, and from the supply chain.

Leesman index sit between employee engagement surveys, often conducted internally by HR, measuring employee/employer relationships; and the BREEAM/WELL certification which focuses on measuring the design quality of the building envelope. The Leesman Index provides an in-depth analysis of how well a workplace is supporting employee performance. The Index is rated out of 100, through a comprehensive report based on employee surveys that take 10 minutes to complete. Overall, the current Leesman Index database has:

  • 330,000 employee responses globally

  • 2,500 workplaces

  • Over 65 countries of operation

Specifically for the manufacturing sector, the Index database has:

  • 20,000 employee responses globally

  • Workplaces including: ABB; Beiersdorf; Volvo; Tetra Pak; Philip Morris; Jaguar Land Rover

The Leesman+ Certification is a recognisable programme for those workplaces achieving outstanding (LMI 70+) effective scores. Companies achieving this certificate are part of a research initiative n understanding common attributes and features of the highest performing workplaces.

Our Design Process


We work together, to develop a design brief.

This would include, understanding your functional space requirements, style, budget and timeline.

Timeline: 1-2 Days


This is the fun stage where you get to see realistic visualisations of your space and finalised plans.

We provide visualisations for every projects as not every client can see what a space looks like from 2D plans.

Timeline: 2-3 Weeks


We take your design brief and collate images and prepare initial plans for your space.

The concept images provide a compass for your design.

Timeline: 1-2 Weeks


Upon signing off the designs (after a few iterations of course); we prepare all the working drawings ready for building/trade quotations and for construction.

This includes highly comprehensive, floor plans; elevations; reflected ceiling plans; electrical/data plan; furniture, fixtures and fittings specifications; colour plan and more.

Timeline: 2-3 Weeks