Amrita Residence

New Build
Camberwell sitting room hero image
Camberwell sitting room hero image

The Brief

Our clients, both doctors, sought to elevate their family's living experience, entrusting us with the transformation of their residence into a modern haven of luxury. Located in the heart of Camberwell, this project presented us with the unique opportunity to infuse contemporary design elements while honouring the essence of family-centric living. Both busy doctors, they wanted to ensure that any time they had at home with their children would be of quality. With this, our approach aimed to ensure that the spaces we designed were decluttered and easy to maintain without compromising the splendour of the space.

The Approach

In our pursuit of exceeding our clients' expectations, we embarked on a journey rooted in meticulous attention to detail and a deep appreciation for the interplay of texture and form. Preferring a minimalist colour pallet, we were able to provide the clients with a range of experiences through the use of texture and patterns. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding landscape and the architectural nuances of the residence, our design philosophy centred on creating fluid transitions between spaces while maximizing visual impact.

The Outcome

The culmination of our efforts is Camberwell Residence—a testament to the art of modern living. From the captivating green marble kitchen island to the serene prayer nook adorned with a subtle Indian talisman pattern, every element in this residence serves to elevate the sensory experience and foster moments of connection and reflection.

Through the strategic integration of concealed curtains and decluttered spaces, we have created an environment that effortlessly caters to the needs of our busy clients, ensuring that their time at home is spent in luxury and relaxation. Camberwell Residence stands as a testament to the transformative power of design—a space where contemporary aesthetics harmonize with timeless elegance to create a haven that feels both indulgent and inviting.