Avondale Court

New Build
Avondale Court Master Bedroom Hero Image
Avondale Court Master Bedroom Hero Image

Avondale Court

A celebration of heritage elegance reinterpreted for modern living, this Aberfeldie residence seamlessly melds refined Victorian craftsmanship with contemporary sensibilities. For this couple who grew up surrounded by the historical Victorian architecture of Melbourne's northern suburbs, reimagining that revered heritage style as a modern family home was the dream.

Vintage-patterned wall coverings, intricate parquetry floors, and marble fireplaces with delicately carved mantels evoke the stately grace of 19th century design. The living spaces are adorned with chandeliers and classical furnishings, while more modern areas like the exquisitely appointed kitchen pair white marble countertops with traditional wainscoting for an elegant transitional style.

The piece de resistance is the basement pool grotto - an intimate space defined by intricately carved stone walls evoking Victorian opulence. This remarkable residence provides a privileged setting for embracing heritage traditions reinterpreted with today's comforts and amenities.




Contemporary Victorian


New Build

The Brief

Our clients, a couple deeply rooted in Melbourne's northern suburbs, approached us with a vision that married nostalgia with modernity. They sought to create a family home that paid homage to the Victorian architecture of their youth while seamlessly integrating contemporary comforts and design sensibilities. The challenge lay in striking a delicate balance - preserving the ornate charm and craftsmanship of the Victorian era while ensuring the home met the functional needs of a 21st-century family. A particular emphasis was placed on creating spaces that could serve as a backdrop for both everyday living and elegant entertaining, all while maintaining an authentic connection to the area's architectural heritage.

The Approach

Our design strategy centred on a concept we termed"heritage reimagined." We began by extensively researching Victorian-era architecture and design, paying close attention to the intricacies of craftsmanship and ornamentation that defined the period. This research informed our selection of materials and finishes, from the vintage-patterned wall coverings to the intricate parquetry floors. However, we were careful not to create a mere replica of a Victorian home. Instead, we sought to reinterpret these elements through a contemporary lens. This approach allowed us to incorporate modern amenities and spatial concepts seamlessly. The kitchen, for instance, became a study in transitional design, where traditional wainscoting met sleek marble countertops and state-of-the-art appliances. Perhaps the most ambitious aspect of our approach was the basement pool grotto - a space that embodied the opulence of the Victorian era while offering a thoroughly modern luxury experience.

The Outcome

Avondale Court stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of Victorian design, thoughtfully adapted for contemporary living. Upon entering, one is immediately struck by the harmonious blend of old and new -ornate cornices and ceiling roses coexist with modern lighting fixtures,creating a captivating visual dialogue. The living spaces exude a sense of refined elegance, with chandeliers casting a warm glow over carefully curated classical furnishings. Yet, these spaces remain eminently liveable, designed to accommodate the ebb and flow of family life. This remarkable residence not only fulfills our clients' dream of a heritage-inspired family home but also stands as a shining example of how historical architectural styles can be reinterpreted to create spaces that are both respectful of the past and perfectly attuned to contemporary living.