Belle Époque

New Build
Belle Époque Living Room Hero Image
Belle Époque Living Room Hero Image

Belle Époque

Channelling Parisian grandeur on one of Melbourne's finest streets, this stately 1600 sqm abode blends timeless European elegance with modern sophistication. Grand wrought iron and marble staircases, bespoke chandeliers, and tailor-made furnishings exude regality, while soaring two-story windows framed by pillars seamlessly integrate manicured outdoor spaces.

A refined palette of whites, tans and rich woodwork courses throughout this sculptural yet intimately-scaled residence - a modern reverie of haut monde luxury, tailored to the discerning taste of our Russian client who has an abiding affinity for French culture and artistry.


Brighton Private Residence


French Provincial


New Build

The Brief

Our client, a connoisseur of French culture, approached us with an ambitious vision: to create a residence that would transport the essence of Parisian opulence to the shores of Brighton. The brief was to design a home that not only reflected the grandeur of France's Belle Époque era but also embraced the comforts and innovations of contemporary living. Our challenge was to strike a delicate balance between theatrical splendour and intimate live ability, ensuring that every space, while impressive, remained warm and inviting.

The Approach

To bring this vision to life, we immersed ourselves in the study of French architectural heritage, from the palaces of Versailles to the grand hôtels particuliers of Paris. This research informed our architectural choices, leading to the incorporation of classical elements such as pillars,ornate mouldings, and symmetrical facades.

However, we were mindful that this was not to be a mere pastiche. Our design philosophy centred on reinterpreting these classical elements through a modern lens. We carefully curated a palette that spoke of understated luxury—whites and tans to create a canvas of light and space, punctuated by the rich tones of carefully selected woodwork.

Each piece of furniture, every light fixture, and all textiles were either custom-designed or thoughtfully sourced to contribute to the narrative of refined European elegance. Collaborations with artisans both local and international ensured that every detail, from the wrought iron balustrades to the ornate silk wallpapers, told a story of uncompromising craftsmanship.

The Outcome

Belle Époque stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of past and present, a sanctuary where every corner whispers of Parisian allure.

More than a home; it is a cultural statement, an ode to the timeless appeal of French aesthetics. It demonstrates that true luxury lies not in ostentation, but in the artful orchestration of space, light, and materials. Here, our clients have found their slice of Paris in Melbourne—a place where every day feels like a sojourn in the City of Light, where memories are made against a backdrop of enduring beauty.

In this modern-day château, the spirit of the Belle Époque lives on, not as a relic of the past, but as a vibrant, living ethos that embraces the joy of refined living.