Namuka Bay Resort

Presidential Villa & Penthouse Suite

Presidential Villa & Penthouse Suite

Representing the height of refined island luxury, the Presidential Villa and Penthouse Suite offer an exclusive, ultra-luxurious residential experience. Expertly crafted to evoke grand estates, these palatial retreats provide complete privacy, panoramic ocean vistas, and every conceivable amenity across lavishly appointed living and entertaining spaces.






Presidential Villa & Penthouse Suite

The Brief

Envisioned as the crowning jewels of the resort, the directives for the villa and penthouse aimed to surpass conventional standards of luxury living. The villa was conceived as an exclusive residential estate -an unmatched home-away-from-home where no expense was spared to curate an atmosphere of supreme luxury. For the penthouse, the goal was to reimagine the concept through innovative architecture that maximized dramatic seaside view sand seamless indoor-outdoor living.

The Approach

Our philosophy focused on elevating every aspect to an architectural and design masterwork. For the villa, we drew inspiration from prestigious estates, studying how to recreate that grandiose sense of elegance with an approachable warmth. The penthouse's architecture became a sculptural work of art - the massing and transitions to outdoor spaces were devised to not just showcase the panoramic ocean scenery but to provide an immersive, uplifting experience transcending typical penthouse design.

The Outcome

The results are two ultra-luxe residences in a class of their own. Within the villa's estate-like setting, the journey flows seamlessly from regal lounges with plush seating into a serene infinity pool oasis flanked by private cabanas - every amenity curated for an exceptional home-away-from-home experience. For the penthouse, the crowning achievement reveals itself through dramatic architecture integrated with vast ocean vistas- from soaring double-height living spaces to expansive terraces embracing the endless turquoise views. This elevated sanctuary evokes profound luxury through masterful craftsmanship and fine materials evoking a sense of privacy.