Bromley & Co

Gallery & Event Space
Bromley & Co gallery and exhibition space hero image
Bromley & Co gallery and exhibition space hero image

The Approach

To address the brief, the first step was for our team to get an intimate understanding of Bromley and his work. Once we had the right level of familiarity with his pieces and their aesthetic elements, it was a matter of how best to marry the two. Our primary technique to align the visual aspects of the space with Bromley’s work was through sophisticated material use. Our choice of interior details aimed to emphasise the Australian artists signature style - combining his endearingly figurative coloured portraits of nature, with rustic, timeless finishes.

The Outcome

The gallery was designed to house aspects of bronze and resin throughout the walls - complimenting Bromley’s sculptures. The brass details magnify the glamour of the minor aspects of the space, paying homage to the real estate of the gallery and a visual remnant of Bromley's unique creativity. Even the irregular archway between the two sides of the gallery was made as an ‘playful and quirky’ execution of a passageway, to try to capture the sense of child-like wander apparent in Bromleys work.

The end result was more than just a gallery - akin to a walk through David Bromley's mind.