West Carr & Harvey


West Carr &Harvey

When West Carr & Harvey approached us, they had just turned 70, cementing themselves as the oldest accountancy in Geelong. In celebration, they decided to move from their 16-year tenure at Freemasons Hall on Gheringhap Street. Our brief was to create an office environment that tied the company’s extensive history with their contemporary operations. The resulting space embraced the site’s industrial roots, while providing an enriching home for their next chapter.


Geelong Corporate Headquarters





The Brief

Our project brief was to provide as space that would reflect the company and its values, allow for the firms continuing growth, as well as help the company keep up with the changing work landscape; all within the package of a heritage listed ex-industrial property. With a number of established business relationships in the precinct, this move was a logical one and, according to one director, “vital to allow continuing growth in the business”. Being accountants, one of the points of emphasis that was discussed early was their focus on 'transparency' in what they do.

The Approach

The client, West Carr & Harvey, took a big leap in this project by deciding to move to an open plan working environment, unusual for most accountants. To emphasise the firm’s 'transparency', streamline staff processes, foster collaboration and create a positive work environment, the office layout was adapted so almost all staff reside within line-of-sight of each other in one large, central workspace that optimises the building’s natural light. Meanwhile, Directors’ offices are glass partitioned to minimise barriers to staff while still allowing acoustic privacy.

The Outcome

A large part of our inspiration for this project lied in tying the past and the present, with the goal to reach a design that nods to West Carr & Harveys long history while maintaining the image of their contemporary operation. Woven into the fabric of the design are the building’s industrial elements, which nod to the rich history of West Carr & Harvey. At the same time, clever material choices maintain the sleek, contemporary look and feel that modern financial service firms are known for.

By incorporating the buildings history into the fitout, we were able to provide West Carr & Harvey with a space that stands out in the competitive landscape while representing their balance of refinement and experience.