New Build


Yamaha Music is a project that evokes positive memories long after completion. The inspiration was drawn from Yamaha's deep music roots combined with Japanese influences. The final result was one that instils confidence as a design firm, that fulfilled the functional brief, assisted brand evolution and allowed staff to flourish.


Australia Head Office




New Build

The Brief

Starting with a sophisticated client, knowledgeable enough to challenge details, yet allowing creative design freedom, we were able to come to a design that was aesthetically beautiful, fulfilled the needs of the space and paid homage to Yamaha’s rich history. The client's brief was to have a space that was versatile and allowed for use by not only staff members within the company, but also a space open to the public. It was important to create a sense of comfort within the space, a transformation that would give a sense of retreat whilst being in the work environment.

The Approach

We were required to design a multi-faceted space which had competing acoustic demands working in parallel. This included a large 90 person open-office environment that shared space with an 80 person auditorium playing live acoustic and/or amplified music, an active silent music/sound recording studio, a silent AV theatre room and an events place that would all be used within standard working hours. The magic happened when we closely ran workshops between the client, acoustic consultants, materials suppliers and the design team, to effectively provide the end result.

The Outcome

Following traditional Japanese design concepts, we tried to harmonise nature with design throughout with the use of natural wooden materials, while keeping things minimalist and uncomplicated. The way in which we implemented the timber elements makes walking through the office akin to being inside an acoustic guitar. Integrating the brand, culture and lifestyle of the company within the space provided an increased feeling of interconnectedness to the community and culture of the firm. This project showcased exactly how thoughtful professional design can bring together all the facets that make up a company: its function, its history, its people and its image.