New Build


Symal/Civilex workplace is a project that exemplifies client engagement and collaboration. The client has staged the move of the office as part of a cultural transformation of the business and the brand. Today, the staff, management and founders greet guests and family members with a new sense of pride they share and show around their new workplace they call home. 


Melbourne Corporate Headquarters




New Build

The Brief

Symal was turning 10 years old. This project was a turning point for a small business that started with two founders and over the years grew into disjointed departments, teams and sub-companies. The biggest challenge was to bring together all members of the organisation into one shared space where all of their business processes are accommodated, building a unified cultured workplace.

The Approach

The challenge was solved by understanding their corporate values and business workflows. We created a central breakout hub which contained the kitchen, a pool table, arcade games, outdoor seating with a ping pong table, but also bench seating with laptop tables. This became a space where food is shared, informal meetings are held and organic interactions naturally occur. Throughout the workplace were also carefully crafted zones which facilitate meetings, project collaboration or deep work.

The Outcome

The transformed Symal workplace has become a vibrant hub that fosters collaboration, creativity, and a unified company culture. The central breakout hub serves as the beating heart, seamlessly blending work and rejuvenation, where organic interactions and spontaneous connections flourish. Throughout the thoughtfully zoned spaces, teams can seamlessly transition between focused productivity and dynamic ideation sessions. With a renewed sense of pride and belonging, the Symal team now inhabits a space that reflects their core values, fuelling their growth as an integrated, future-ready organization.